Highlight and Support Candidates

Representation Matters hosts fundraising events in support of Black women and women of color candidates for elected office. The events are chaired by Congresswoman Barbara Lee and hosted by a large number of community leaders, activists and donors committed to this effort. They provide an opportunity for the featured candidates to share their stories, perspectives and updates on their races candidly, and engage in a dynamic conversation about their values and experiences as women of color running for elected office. The goal is to highlight the candidates, to increase their visibility and fundraising capacity.

Build a Community

The events also provide an opportunity for participants to get to know the candidates and ask questions, and to better understand the critical need to support women of color candidates to ensure greater representation. Through these events, Representation Matters is building a community that has a deep commitment to supporting and uplifting women of color candidates.

Past Successes

In the first year of its inception in 2020, Representation Matters hosted 5 virtual events between July and the November 2020 election. The events featured a total of 18 women of color U.S. House candidates, including Congresswomen on the DCCC frontline, red to blue challengers, and the largest ever all women of color Congressional delegation from New Mexico. Through Congresswoman Lee’s leadership, the 5 events in 2020 raised more than $715,000 for women of color candidates. More than 135 co-hosts joined together in this effort to ensure that women of color candidates had greater support in their election campaigns. More than 400 people nationwide contributed to and participated in these events. 


In the 2022 cycle, Representation Matters hosted 16 events (both virtual and in-person) featuring a total of 19 women of color candidates, including 4 Senate candidates, 12 House candidates, 2 candidates for Governor, and 1 candidate for statewide executive office. Through these events and other fundraising efforts, Representation Matters raised close to $1.3 million in the 2022 cycle, bringing the total raised during the first two cycles since it’s inception to $2 million.

2024 Cycle and Beyond

Representation Matters continues to build its host network and the community of people nationwide who are committed to supporting and electing more Black women and women of color. We strongly support campaign finance reform, and know that the current laws create even greater inequities for women of color. Until that changes, we will continue to build support for Black women and women of color candidates in an effort to help level the playing field.





Representation Matters is committed to changing the face of power by standing with and supporting progressive Black women and women of color candidates running for elected office.